General Information

Geographical Spread

Certification and Training Services for Africa (Pty) Ltd, (Cert Africa), Reg. no. 2012/468095/07 is registered in South Africa, which has its offices at 26 Gulfstream Boulevard, Highveld Ext 47, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa.

Information on geographical in which Cert Africa operates is available on request. Please contact us for requests.

Advertising Certification

Cert Africa client or any other person may not claim or refer to the Relevant Scheme in an advertisement or other form of publicity, to give the impression that Cert Africa has approved the quality of the client Services and or Products. The client acknowledges that it is its management system that is the subject of Certification and not the client Services/Products.

The logos of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the logos of Cert Africa’s Accreditation Bodies (SANAS) may not be utilised in any way whatsoever.

The use of Scheme Logo and or Certification Marks

Cert Africa has established rules governing the use of logo or certification marks including The Organisation acknowledges that: There shall be no ambiguity in the mark or accompanying text, as to what is being certified and the Cert Africa name must be always displayed as a certifying body.

Upon Certification, the certified Organisation may use the Scheme Logo to indicate participation in the Relevant scheme. All rights in the scheme logo belong to or are duly licensed to Cert Africa.

  • The scheme logo shall not be applied to laboratory test, calibration, or inspection reports or on any other documentation, which may be deemed as an Organisation Service/Product.
  • The scheme logo may only be used by the Organisation whilst it maintains a valid Certificate of Registration issued by Cert Africa and may not be used and/or displayed during periods of suspension.
  • The Organisation shall not acquire or claim any title to any of the Cert Africa scheme logo by virtue of the rights granted to them by this Agreement or through their use of the scheme logo either before or after the certification date.
  • The certified Organisation may display the scheme logo:
    • On its letterheads and stationery.
    • In advertising or in promotional material.
    • On a panel or boarding that identifies its premises or the nature of its business.
    • On a flag, obtainable from Cert Africa, to be displayed at such premises.
    • On a fleet vehicle or delivery vehicle,
    • The scheme logo may not be used on Organisation’s Product packaging, product label or on the product itself
    • The scheme logo and the flag may not be used in any manner during periods of suspension or after the cancellation of the registration


Cert Africa may, within its discretion and upon written notice, suspend the registration of an Organisation due to non-conformance to the requirements of the Relevant Scheme. Cert Africa shall inform the Organisation in writing of the suspension decision and the conditions set by its management, the period of suspension and the reasons for the suspension. If the Organisation has not corrected the non-compliances by the end of the suspension period, Cert Africa may immediately terminate this Agreement and cancel the Certificate of Registration and the conditions set in clause 3 above shall accordingly apply.

During the period of suspension, the Organisation shall:

  • not display the Certificate of Registration on its premises
  • not claim Certification in respect of the Relevant Scheme in any material whatsoever, including marketing, sales, or procurement documents, e.g., tenders.
  • adhere to any specific instructions and conditions, which Cert Africa may include in writing.
  • not mislead its customers or the consumer/public in any way whatsoever, regarding its Certification status.
  • Should the above provisions not be complied with, such an action shall be regarded as a material breach of this Agreement and Cert Africa shall be entitled to take steps it deems necessary against the Organization as provided for in law.
  • The suspension status of Certification of the Organization’s MS. Cert Africa shall, upon request from any third party, correctly stated
  • The Organisation may request voluntary suspension of its Certification due to; moving premises, alterations to facilities and/or production processes, restructuring which may impact on its compliance to the requirements of the Scheme’s certification standard. The period of suspension shall not exceed nine months since the previous Audit, during this time:
  • The Organisation shall continue to pay the Certification fees as initially agreed and approved
  • The provisions of compulsory suspension as stated in clause on suspension shall apply during the period of voluntary suspension.
  • The Organisation shall request a reinstatement Audit within 9 months of the previous Audit. If the Organisation fails to request a reinstatement Audit in the given period and/or is unable to achieve full compliance with the requirements of the relevant Scheme certification standard after the suspension period, the Certification shall be withdrawn/cancelled by Cert Africa and the Certification shall be terminated and the Certificate of Registration shall immediately be returned to Cert Africa.


Should Organisation feels aggrieved by a decision of Cert Africa in terms of its registration, it may, in the first instance and within 15 (fifteen) days of being informed of such decision by Cert Africa, raise an appeal in writing setting out all the reasons for the appeal to the Managing Director. The Managing Director shall within a period of 15 (fifteen) days either uphold or dismiss the appeal (the “Appeal Period”). Should the Managing Director dismiss the appeal or alternatively not notify the Organisation of its decision before the expiration of the Appeal Period, then, the Parties may escalate the dispute (should it still exist) in accordance with the provisions of the dispute mechanism.

Please have a look at our “Appeals page” for further information.

Dispute Resolution

Both parties agree to the following dispute mechanism: – In the event of any disagreement arising out of this Agreement or the interpretation thereof, while in force or after its termination and the Parties being unable to reach agreement, the matter will be referred to the Executive Management of each of the Parties who shall endeavour to settle the dispute through bona fide negotiations; – In the event that the Parties are still unable to reach agreement through the process of an appeal, it is hereby agreed that a dispute shall be submitted to and decided by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa (AFSA), by an arbitrator agreed upon between the Parties or, failing agreement, appointed by the AFSA;

Each Party is entitled to give notice of arbitration, provided that such notice shall be given within 7 (seven) days and not later than 30 (thirty) days from the date that the Executive Management of the Parties or their nominees first met as contemplated in dispute resolution; unless the Parties agree to extend the time periods referred to herein.

  • Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing the arbitration shall be held at Pretoria, in the Republic of South Africa.
  • Only the Parties and their legal representatives or persons agreed to shall attend the arbitration proceedings.
  • The Parties shall use their best endeavours to expedite the arbitration process.

Subject to the other provisions of this clause, arbitration shall be held in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act, Act No 42 of 1965, as amended.